Lewis Hamilton TV Documentary – This Saturday

Wow, a lot has happened! Schumi’s retiring, the FIA is being sued, there was an F1 race, I’ve been on holiday for a week (the reason for no posts lately), Lewis Hamilton has been testing at McLaren F1, and the BowenRacing posse have been to Lakeside Karting. More about some of these later.

There’s a programme called ‘Lewis Hamilton: The Road to Formula 1’ that will be shown on ITV1 on Saturday September 23 at 1:45pm.

The thought of a British Driver racing for McLaren has me (almost) wetting my pants with excitement. Perhaps it’s a season too soon for him. On the other hand if he stays at GP2 and doesn’t win the Championship next year, he may not be the golden-boy anymore. Not to mention the chance to drive alongside Fernando Alonso. Personally, I’d rather take the risk and step up.

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