2 thoughts on “Disgraceful

  1. Hi Colin,I thought you’d be unimpressed! I thought it was harsh too (I’m assuming you are talking about the Alonso grid penalty), because I didn’t see anything wrong when I saw the qualifying live, or seeing the replays.But, after hearing what Max Mosley explained, that Ferrari’s telemetry shows that Massa’s handling was affected in the turbulent air, I guess maybe Massa’s lap was compromised. I’d like to see the data, though.I don’t believe Alonso did it on purpose and, even if this ruling is consistently applied, it will always feel unsatisfactory. The only good thing that might come out of this, is that at least it will stop drivers trying this deliberately without looking like so.The championship is wide open now, and I still look forward to the last three races of this year.KazKaz

  2. Hi Kaz,Sorry for not publishing your comment earlier, I was in holiday. I thought I’d done it via my Palm, but it didn’t work.Yes, I’d like to see the telemetry too.I didn’t see quali, just its highlights during race coverage. Massa didn’t seem close enough to be affected to me though.I wonder if any other team would have complained under the same circumstances. Perhaps if Ferrari had been out in from of Alonso, I would see it another way 😉

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