Turkey Timings

Fisichella takes fourth 5/1000th of a second ahead of Ralph, and Heidfeld takes sixth 5/1000th of a second ahead of Button.

I think Jenson could do well again this race. His Q2 time was second quickest and he’s very smooth and consistent which helps at Turkey. My only worry is his engine, it’s its second race, and Turkey is a tough on engines.

Barrichello should be doing better, and DC too. Maybe DC is unsettled (or threatened) by the news that Webber is his team-mate next year.

So, what do I predict? Jenson will finish better than he starts if his car doesn’t die. Michael will pass Massa before or during the first pit stop. Raikkonen will pass Heidfeld and Ralph. Apart from those, the top ten will be in relative order.

Christian Albers made me laugh, sitting in the car in the pits after Q1. “Just a question, am I through or not; do I need to stay in the car or do I get out?”
His race engineer, “You are through. Position 16 always goes through.”
Albers, “I’m sorry,” nervous laughter, “I didn’t know.”

3 thoughts on “Turkey Timings

  1. Hey Colin,I enjoyed that race too, and we have another winning driver! I missed the qualifying yesterday, as I was helping a friend with a van job, and the VCR didn’t tape the programme (mistake on my part…).Let me know when you’re organising the karting session!Kaz

  2. Hey Kaz.Will do.I just realised why Michael Schumacher didn’t have a lunge and risk taking Alonso off – Constructors Championship. I must be a bit slow today.

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