English Heritage meets blogging

Hi all,

I’ve been to the biggest English Heritage event of the year today, Festival of History in Northampton.

It’s the annual big do for English Heritage, held over two days. We’ve only been for the Sunday this year due to other commitments. With over 70 events, it’s the biggest history festival of its kind in Europe.

This year, an addition to the programme is seven authentic World War 1 planes (Sopwith tri-plane, Nieuport 17 Scout, two Junkers CLIs and three SE5As). These planes took part in mock dog-fights, two of them flown by pilots in their 80s, one of which had flown in WW2 and made three kills.

Other battles included the English Civil War, The Viking Invasion at the Battle of Fulford Gate (the Brits lost), the Battle of Hastings, the Wars of The Roses, and the Spanish Civil War. There were also Romans showing combat skills and Roman Artillery.

I composed this post at the event (at the end of the day) and submitted it via mobile phone. [I added the photo later]

This event is one of the reasons that I probably won’t get any racing in in August; we’ve got a lot booked in.

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