Your Windows 8.1 installation couldn’t be completed – solved

Your Windows 8.1 installation couldn't be completed - solvedIf you can’t upgrade to Windows 8.1 because you get the message “Your Windows 8.1 installation couldn’t be completed. Something happened and the installation of Windows 8.1 can’t be completed”, then I can help. Just go to and click the “Get Remote Support Now” link. You can then allow me to log in and fix the problem for you.


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Urgent: Update Adobe Flash Player asap

There is an urgent update for Abobe Flash Player that you should do.

There is a ‘zero day exploit’ in Flash that could allow a virus onto you computer just by visiting a web page.  “Zero day” means that Adobe didn’t know about the flaw in their software until someone found out that viruses were already getting onto PCs using the vulnerability.  That means that the was no protection from antivirus software either.  From what I hear, it also affects Macs and Linux (if you don’t know what that means, then you’re not using Linux).

So, to protect yourself, go to this link

Flash Player Update

Make sure you un-tick the “optional offer” of McAfee Security Scanner Plus (it annoys you with pop-ups, offers to scan your computer, and then recommends you buy their security software; basically it’s an advert).




Update now

Once you’ve un-ticked the “optional offer”, then click “Update now” (on the other page, not this one).


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