No top ten predictions from me this race

Hi all.

Probably no top ten predictions from me for the Hungary GP, simply because I won’t have time.

I do predict the following though:
Kimi might make a few mistakes; it sounds like he’s not 100% healthy.
Jenson will be in the points, so will Michael and Fernando.

If anyone else want to make some predictions, please do so in the comments. Kaz? Anyone?

German GP predictions, and my latest karting session

It’s the German Grand Prix today. I’ll make my predictions later in this post.

I went to Lakeside Karting on Monday evening. I did two 15 minute sessions. John and Jo, friends if me and Blanche, came to watch. Jo had come straight from work, so she left after the first session, but John stayed for both.

I was out on my own for the first session. I had hoped there would be other drivers because I want practice with some competition. Between sessions, two more drivers turned up. They had done quite a bit of karting before; Raleigh and Buckmore Park mainly. In the second session, I went out of the pits second and overtook both of them, which means I lapped one during my 22 laps (41.xx seconds lap).

What amazes me is the consistency of my times. In the last two visits, I’ve done four 15 minute sessions. The lap times are pretty close in each session. Here are the lap times of my last session Monday, with excuses for slower laps.
Lap Time
001 42.50
002 44.06 Waiting to pass
003 42.92 Passing
004 41.99
005 42.10
006 41.76
007 41.61
008 42.24 Passing (one driver was 4s a lap slower)
009 41.92
010 41.91
011 42.33 Beyond the limit in turn two
012 41.73
013 41.75
014 41.72
015 41.40
016 41.72
017 41.57
018 41.38 Best Lap
019 42.00
020 41.92
021 41.94
022 41.72

And the fastest laps of my last 4 sessions (earliest first)

Right, not long now before the TV coverage starts for the German F1 GP.

Blanche says Kimi will win. I think he’s on low fuel, and the Ferraris are good on strategy, and Michael was the only driver to get into the 1:13s, so my money’s on Michael. I’m no Schumi fan to be honest, I love McLaren, and Kimi’s a fine driver, so I’ll be happy to be proved wrong.

Jenson’s best lap was 1:14.3, and Alonso’s 1:14.7. That’s a big swing in favour of Jenson. Dare I hope for a podium finish for Jenson? I hope so.

Having said that, Fisichella is above Alonso. Looking at the three quali session times, they Renault’s have similar times except Alonso’s final time on race fuel. Perhaps he’s fuelled heavily, but that puts him in the pack so I don’t know why Renault would do that.

So things are a but mixed up. Here’s how I think things will finish.

1 Michael
2 Kimi
3 Massa
4 Button
5 Alonso
6 Fisichella
7 Barrichello
8 Coulthard
9 De la Rosa
10 Ralph

French GP Predictions

I was on TV, but only for about 1.5 seconds, I’ve been told. I haven’t seen the programme yet.

Qualifying is over for the French GP. I thought I would predict the finishing positions. I’ve never done this before. You can’t guess who’s going to crash and go out or lose positions (except the Supa Aguri’s who are at the back of the grid anyway).

Such detailed predictions are unlikely to all come true, but it’s interesting to me.

Rosberg changed his engine, so starts 19th on the grid instead of 9th (I think). I can’t see getting into the points from there, so why he didn’t keep the same engine and go for points (do or DNF) I don’t know.

The hardest positions to predict are the Midland and Toro Rosso teams. Midland seem faster than before, but can they keep up the pace for the whole race.

Further, I predict:
Shumi will run away from the start.
Massa, light on fuel but with less race pace will hold up the pack until the he pits.
Alonso passes Massa in the pits.
De la Rosa’s lack of recent race experience could lead to a few small mistakes. Having three races to show his stuff, I don’t think he’ll be tough enough protecting his line and will be overtaken; preferring to finish lower rather than crash out.
Jenson will make the best of a bad job, but I don’t think the Hondas have enough race pace. ‘Bout time they got themselves sorted out – they have the potential, but keep making mistakes.

My prediction:
1 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
2 Fernando Alonso Renault
3 Kimi Räikkönen McLaren-Mercedes
4 Felipe Massa Ferrari
5 Giancarlo Fisichella Renault
6 Jarno Trulli Toyota
7 Ralf Schumacher Toyota
8 David Coulthard RBR-Ferrari
9 Mark Webber Williams-Cosworth
10 Pedro de la Rosa McLaren-Mercedes
11 Christian Klien RBR-Ferrari
12 Rubens Barrichello Honda
13 Nick Heidfeld Sauber-BMW
14 Jenson Button Honda
15 Nico Rosberg Williams-Cosworth
16 Jacques Villeneuve Sauber-BMW
17 Christijan Albers MF1-Toyota
18 Scott Speed STR-Cosworth
19 Vitantonio Liuzzi STR-Cosworth
20 Tiago Monteiro MF1-Toyota
21 Takuma Sato Super Aguri-Honda
22 Franck Montagny Super Aguri-Honda