20% off Tune-up Tuesday!

I’m offering 20% off remote support computer tune-ups this Tuesday only, 16th June 2020. Save £11.40, it’s just £45.60 instead of the usual £57.

Please phone 01268 440921 to book your computer tune-up. Leave a message if I can’t pick up. First come, first served.

The aim is to speed up the computer and check it’s all functioning correctly. This is a personalised service, based on your computer and what you use it for, but this is what you’ll get as a minimum:

  • I’ll ask you which software and apps you use, and turn off any unused Windows features that are running in the background and slowing things down. 
  • I’ll check your hard disk health and space (where your files and Windows is stored).
  • I’ll fix or advise you of any software that is slowing down your computer or your internet browsing.
  • I’ll fix any missing or corrupt Windows system files, where possible.
  • I’ll check that Windows Updates are working properly.
  • I’ll check that your antivirus is working properly.
  • I’ll advise you on the best backup process, if you don’t already use one.
  • Windows 10 automatically does disk optimisation (defragging). I’ll check that it has been done recently.
  • If you’re interested, I can provide a verbal or written report on all of the above.
Here’s what’s not included: Virus or unwanted software removal, installing software or printer problems. I can do these for an additional charge if required.
Did you know? Temporary files do not slow down your computer (unless you’re running out of storage space). Removing temp files can actually slow down your computer, because the software that uses them may have to re-create them.
If there’s anything else you need me to do, please ask.
Please phone 01268 440921 to book in your computer tune-up.

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