Site redesign

Old BR Theme ParamentWhilst making a small edit on my site, I managed to completely mess up the layout (theme) of the whole site. I took the opportunity to fix it and change the colours and layout (a little). I hope it’s now easier on the eye.

I’ve added a donation button. I hate ads. Many adverts contain fake news, viruses, or links to malicious downloads. They also advertise dubious software. Not on my site! Ads do provide revenue for site owners. This site actually costs me money to host, and time to update. If you want to show your support for my content, time and effort, please consider making a small donation and click the link on the right. The amount is unimportant really, it’s just nice to know you support me and my coffee habit 😉

I’ve also added links to my social media sites, Twitter (new for 2017) and Facebook. They’re in the bar on the right if you’re looking on a desktop or laptop. You can also…

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