Listening to media on an Android phone through a Bluetooth headset – solved

Life’s too short for you to spend any more time on this.  Buy the Jabra Extreme Bluetooth Headset from Amazon here When it arrives, unpack it, turn on your Android phone’s Bluetooth, turn on the Jabra Extreme (slider on the side). Wait for them to pair. Job done! Media though the headset.

If you have more time, read on….

I couldn’t play media (podcasts or music) on my Android phone through either of my two Bluetooth headsets. I had been able to do this with my Windows Mobile phones using an app called ‘BT Audio’.  I wanted to make this work so I can listen to podcasts while carrying my baby without her pulling on my headphone wires and eating my earbuds.

I spent way too long looking into this online and found that stereo headsets can do this, but the sort of headset you use in your car (the type that fits on one ear) don’t usually do this on Android.  What you need as an A2DP enabled headset, but these are usually the stereo ones.  It’s very hard to find out online whether any particular headset is A2DP enabled.  I even bought a new cheap Bluetooth headset in case my existing ones we’re too old, but the new one didn’t work either.

I saw a couple of people online had had success with the Jabra Extreme, so decided to buy it from Amazon; it’s worth the extra money!

As you can see from the first paragraph, it’s very easy to set up; you don’t even have to charge it first. It looks good, appears well made, comes in lovely packaging, and has good accessories; a selection of ear hooks, mains charger, in-car USB socket, and a brilliant hinged USB to Micro USB adapter.

The sound quality is good, and so is the range.  You can pair it with eight devices, and have any two connected at the same time (ie work and home phone).  It has two microphones so it can cancel out background noise so people can hear you better.

Just goes to show, if you spend a little more, you get a lot more value.  Go on, treat yourself!  Jabra Extreme2 Bluetooth Headset.

This is another post made on my Android phone while feeding baby.

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